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As the summer heat turns up, ensuring your furry friends stay cool and comfortable becomes a top priority for pet owners. ACE Hardware Philippines offers a variety of pet-friendly products designed to help your pets beat the heat in style and comfort.

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Protecting our pets from the harmful effects of volcanic smog is crucial during eruptions. By following these guidelines, we can ensure our furry companions stay safe and comfortable.

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Keep your furry friends safe this summer with these simple tips! Learn how to protect your pets from heatstroke, hot surfaces, and other summertime hazards. Plus, get useful advice on how to keep your cat's litter comfortable during the summer months. Read now and have a fun-filled summer with your pets! 

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WATCH IT NOW! Ready to discover the best litter for your feline friend? Join us as we explore the world of clumping, charcoal, tofu (yes, tofu!), and silica gel litter. Say goodbye to litter box struggles and hello to a happier cat! Visit our YouTube channel for more videos and subscribe. #ACEHardwarePH #ACEHelpful #catcaretips

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