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    diy, doorbell, home hardware, home safety, how to -

    It's the universal system to inform you of people attempting to enter your premises. But just how do you install one?

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    caulk, caulk gun, diy, home improvement, home repair, how to -

    Caulk has dozens of uses around the house. Any you need a caulk gun to be able to effectively apply it. Learn how.

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    hammer, how to, tips -

    earn what is the best hammer for your job.

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    how to, mouse, pest control, pesticide, tips, trap -

    “There is never just one mouse.” So chances are if you’ve seen one in your home, they have some friends around too.

    Learn helpful tips on how to prevent mice invading your home.

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    faucet, how to, plumbing, tips -

    Are you in the kitchen and thinking, where is that water coming from?  Those puddles of water under your sink may be an indicator of a leaky pipe.


    Get our 5 tips on how to prevent kitchen sink leaks

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