Safeguard our Pets from Volcanic Smog

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Safeguard our Pets from Volcanic Smog

During volcanic eruptions, the emission of volcanic smog, also known as vog, can pose health hazards to both humans and animals. In addition to taking measures to protect ourselves and our homes, it is essential to consider the well-being of our pets from the harmful effects of vog. Let’s explore effective ways to ensure the safety of our furry friends and maintain the longevity of our cars during a volcanic smog episode.

  1. Limit Outdoor Exposure

    Minimize your pet's time outdoors when vog levels are high. Keep them inside as much as possible to reduce their exposure to airborne pollutants.

  2. Create a Safe Haven

    Designate a designated area in your home where your pets can seek refuge during peak vog periods. Ensure this area is free from drafts and has good airflow.

  3. Air Purification

    Consider using air purifiers or filters specifically designed for pets' wellbeing. These devices help remove contaminants from the air, reducing the impact of vog on your pet's respiratory system.

  4. Hydration is Key

    Ensure your pets have access to clean water at all times, as vog can increase their thirst due to its dehydrating effects.

  5. Grow Pollutant-absorbing Houseplants

    Plants like peace lilies, spider plants, or Boston ferns can purify indoor air, removing stuffiness that can greatly help in your pet's well-being.

Protecting our pets from the harmful effects of volcanic smog is crucial during eruptions. By following these guidelines, we can ensure our furry companions stay safe and comfortable. Remember to stay informed about vog activity in your area through official sources, such as PHIVOLCS, to take appropriate precautions for the well-being of both your beloved pets.