Call & Collect General FAQs:

  1. What are the item/s that can be ordered?

All items available at ACE Hardware may be ordered. If there are items you wish to purchase, please get in touch with the ACE Hardware store near you to check availability or call ACE Hotline #11ACE (#11223).

  1. Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

There will be no minimum purchase requirement for customers.

  1. What time can I order item/s?

You can order your essentials during your preferred servicing branch's operating hours.

There is a 4:00 PM cutoff for orders. Orders placed beyond this hour will be confirmed the next day.

  1. Will I be able to earn points for Call and Collect transactions using my ACE Rewards?

Yes. Members and cardholders of the following loyalty programs may earn points for Call and Collect transactions:

  • ACE Rewards Card
  • All SMAC types
  • All SMAC Prestige types
  1. Do you have a delivery service?

We can book the delivery through our courier partners (Grab Express, Lalamove and Mober).  You will pay directly to driver upon the delivery of goods.  A wide variety of vehicles from motorcycles to trucks are available to take your deliveries at any time of the day at an affordable cost.

You may also directly book the delivery via a third-party courier service and pay directly through the app.

  1. How much is the delivery fee?

Depends on delivery location, package size and weight.



Call & Collect Return and Exchange FAQs:

  1. How can I get my refund for an item I returned?

Visit the nearest ACE Hardware branch to return your item/s. You will have the option of receiving a credit voucher that can be used at any ACE Hardware store to purchase a replacement of the item you have, or if the item is not available in the store, other item/s.

If you paid for your item via credit card or e-Wallet, you may also choose to have the charges reversed. However, this may take 3 to 4 weeks to complete depending on your issuing bank. Once processed, we recommend checking your next billing statement for validation. We will process the charge back once the request has been made in the store.

  1. How long is the credit voucher valid for?

The credit voucher is valid for the 30 days, where the first day is the date of issuance. Please visit any of ACE HARDWARE branches to be able to use the voucher. Unfortunately, we will not be able to extend the validity of the credit voucher once it has expired.

  1. Can the credit voucher be reprinted if lost or stolen?

The credit voucher is as good as cash. Once the voucher is lost or stolen, we are sorry but we are not able to reprint it again.

  1. How long does the replacement and refund process take?

Replacing your item/s in any of ACE Hardware branches will only take a few minutes, given that all requirements are met according the Return and Exchange Policy. Once our Customer Service Supervisor or Store Officer has validated the item/s and issued your credit voucher, you may already select a replacement item. Should the replacement item's price be lower than the credit voucher value, no refund shall be given. Meanwhile, you will need to settle any excess amount if the replacement item's price is higher than the credit voucher value.

Should you prefer to request for a refund, credit vouchers shall be immediately generated while you wait in the store. However, for credit card charge back, it may take longer as it will be highly dependent on your credit card issuing bank. We recommend checking your next billing statement for validation.

  1. Will my shipping fee be refunded when I return my item/s?

Since the courier has already performed its delivery service and delivery fee is paid directly to Rider, we cannot include the shipping fee in the refund.

  1. I received a cancellation notice from ACE for my prepaid order. How will I get a refund?

For prepaid orders, we will process the refund immediately for you. Please note that the refund will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete depending on your issuing bank. We encourage you to check your next billing statement to verify the refund.

  1. How much will I be refunded?

We will refund the amount you paid for the item, net of any promo vouchers used, delivery fee, and other discounts applied to your order. For discounted item/s or item/s on sale, the amount to be refunded is the amount you paid for and not the original selling price of the

  1. I found out that the item I just bought is being sold for a cheaper price in another store.

Can I return the item to where I bought it from and ask for a refund?

No. While consumers have the right to choose and make a canvass of prices, once a sale is done and the product has no defect, you can neither return it nor ask for a refund

  1. Can a store only exercise a policy of exchange but not refund?

        No. Consumers are entitled to either an exchange or refund, as long as there is a defect in the quality of goods or imperfection in the service.

  1. If the defect is due to mishandling on the part of the buyer, can he/she still return the item

       and demand for either an exchange or refund?

       No. If the defect on a product is caused by the consumer, the warranty is automatically void. He/she can no longer demand for exchange or refund.

  1. If after buying a certain item, a customer changes his/her mind and wants to return it, can he/she invoke the prohibition on "No Return, No Exchange?"

        No, the prohibition is not an excuse for the consumer to return goods because of a change of mind.

  1. What is the limit to the period within which a buyer may return defective products?

The limit to be followed is the duration of the issued warranty. The minimum period is 60 days on implied warranty.

  1. Can a buyer return defective goods without the official receipt?

Yes, as long as the buyer can present other proofs of purchase. But it is better to present the warranty card. (i.e. charge slip, credit card billing, etc.)

  1. Can a store impose the condition that a product can only be exchanged once?

No, as long as the defect remains on the product, it can be exchanged as many times as needed.

  1. Is the statement "Exchange will not be accepted on items used, damaged or altered." valid?

       No. Some product defects only manifest after being used.

  1. Is the statement "Sale items are non-refundable." allowed?

This statement may only be allowed if the defects on the sale items are fully disclosed to the consumer in the form of tags or notices.