Protect Yourself and Your Home from Volcanic Smog

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Protect Yourself and Your Home from Volcanic Smog

Volcanic smog, or vog, is a harmful environmental issue caused by volcanic activity. It poses health risks such as respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin disorders. The fine particles and corrosive gases in vog can affect the respiratory system, cause eye irritation, and worsen skin conditions.

Consider these to keep yourself and your home safe:
  1. Get an Air Purifier

    Invest in air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove particulate matter and volcanic gases.

  2. Mask Up

    Wear N95 or N99 respirator masks during periods of intense vog activity to reduce inhalation of harmful particles and gases. Choose certified masks for better protection.

  3. Goggle It

    Wear protective eyewear such as goggles or sunglasses with wraparound lenses to shield eyes from volcanic particles and UV rays.

  4. Screen your Skin

    Apply mineral-based sunscreen with high SPF to protect skin from sunlight and volcanic irritants.

  5. Keep the Dust Out

    Manage airflow at home by sealing openings and using exhaust fans improve indoor air ventilation.

  6. Get Wet

    Use wet methods when cleaning up volcanic ash from inside your home to avoid stirring up particles. Don't use brooms or vacuum cleaners as they can spread irritants.

  7. Get a Selective Window Screen

    Install Allergen-Barrier Window Screens to provide extra protection from outdoor pollutants while still allowing fresh airflow.
Protecting ourselves and our homes from the dangers of volcanic smog is important. By implementing a combination of protective measures, we can minimize the impact of vog and safeguard our well-being.