Organizing your new home

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Organizing your new home

Use these simple storage and organization tips for a more spacious and relaxing home.​​​

  • Set up 3-4 heavy-duty shelving units.​​
  • Sort them into large heavy-duty plastic bins and label them. You’ll save yourself the time of having to go back and reorganize later.​
  • Now, is also a good time to set up a storage unit that lifts items up to the ceiling. It’s a great way to keep items out of the way but allow easy access when you need seasonal decorations and items you don’t use more than once a year.​
  • A ceiling lift or heavy-duty hooks you can install into the ceiling joists are also a good way to store bicycles or large sporting equipment up and out of the way.​​
Laundry Room​
  • Add shelving and space to hang clothes so you have a place for detergent, fabric softener, cleaners, garbage bags, paper products and more.​​
  • Hang hooks or organizer strips to keep long-handled cleaning supplies like brooms and mops organized.
  • Install closet organizers. You’ll create more space to unpack your belongings and it will speed up unpacking and settling in if you can organize as you go.​​
  • Look for shelves and drawer organizers that will help you gain more space in your vanity, above the toilet or in the linen closet.​​