Linking Your ACE Rewards Card to SMAC

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Linking Your ACE Rewards Card to SMAC

Embarking on home improvement projects is exciting, but let’s be real – it can also be expensive. Whether you're sprucing up your living space or tackling a major renovation, every penny saved counts. That's where the ACE Rewards Card comes in, offering you a direct route to significant savings on your home improvement essentials. And now, you can elevate your savings game even further by linking your ACE Rewards Card to SM Advantage Card (SMAC) for added perks and convenience! 

Introducing the ACE Rewards Card 

The ACE Rewards Card is your golden ticket to unlocking exclusive discounts on a whole variety of home improvement products. From power tools to paintbrushes, and plumbing fixtures to garden supplies, the ACE Rewards Card ensures you get the best deals every time you shop. 

How It Works 

  1. Shop Smart: With your ACE Rewards Card in hand, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of products. Every purchase you make not only contributes to your home improvement projects but also earns you valuable points.

  2. Earn as You Go: For every P200 spent, you earn 1 Point. It's that simple. So, whether you're stocking up on supplies for a DIY project or investing in a major renovation, you're constantly earning fantastic savings.

  3. Seamless Point Redemption: As your points accumulate, you can effortlessly redeem them to pay for future purchases. With a conversion rate of 1 Point to P1.00, your savings start adding up in no time!

  4. Exclusive Perks with SMAC: Now, here’s where it gets even better. By linking your ACE Rewards Card to your SMAC account, you unlock a host of exclusive benefits. Not only do you get a virtual card for added convenience, but you can also pool your points from both cards and seamlessly track your rewards. Plus, as you accumulate points, you can even qualify for SMAC Prestige status, unlocking even more fantastic perks and privileges.  

How to Link Your ACE Rewards Card to SMAC 

  1. Activate: If you haven't already activated your ACE Rewards Card, simply text ACE <space> ACT <space> followed by your 16-digit card number to 225600.

  2. Register: Complete your details on the SMAC website or app to pay with points and enjoy many other benefits.

  3. Link: Access the virtual card by linking your ACE Rewards Card to your SMAC account. This simple step opens the door to a world of savings and convenience.

  4. Pool SMAC and ACE Rewards Card Points: By linking your accounts, you can easily combine your points from both cards, maximizing your savings potential.

  5. Track and Manage Points Easily: With everything consolidated in one place, tracking and managing your points becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to keeping track of multiple cards and hello to streamlined savings!

  6. Reach SMAC Prestige Status: As you continue to accumulate points, you'll inch closer to SMAC Prestige status, unlocking even more exclusive benefits and privileges along the way. 

Get Started Today! 

Ready to start saving big on your home improvement projects? Grab an ACE Rewards kit at the cashier, register online, and link your account to SMAC. With the power of both cards combined, you'll be well on your way to transforming your living space while keeping your wallet happy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your savings game – join the ACE Rewards family today!