Keep Your Ride Clear of Volcanic Smog

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Keep Your Ride Clear of Volcanic Smog

Your vehicle is an investment. And like all investments, it must be protected. During volcanic eruptions, it's a must to safeguard our vehicles from the harmful effects of vog. Let’s explore effective ways to maintain the longevity of our cars during a volcanic smog episode.

  1. Park Indoors or Cover Your Vehicle

    Whenever possible, park your car in an enclosed garage or covered structure during elevated levels of vog. This helps prevent ash accumulation on the exterior and reduces internal contamination.

  2. Close Windows and Ventilation Systems

    Seal all windows tightly when parked or driving through areas affected by volcanic smog. Turn off external air intake or set your vehicle's ventilation system to "recirculate" mode to minimize vog entry into the cabin.

  3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

    Routinely wash your vehicle's exterior surfaces with mild soap and water to remove any ash buildup that may have occurred. Pay attention to the undercarriage and wheel wells, as ash residue can cause corrosion.

  4. Avoid Swirl Marks

    When cleaning ash-laden vehicles, make sure to remove the contaminants with pressurized water and soap. Don't let volcanic ash or dust settle and cake over your vehicle. The acids in those particles cause corrosion. Use soft brushes to remove stubborn particles. If you will use a car mitt or sponge, make sure to use a grit guard in your soap bucket so that the particles settle at the bottom and not get reintroduced into your paint job. Volcanic ash and dust contain silica that can easily scratch automotive paint.

  5. Liberate Cooling Systems

    Clean the radiator and condenser coil fins. This will help in keeping the vehicle from overheating.

  6. Check Air Filters

    Make sure your car's cabin air filters are clean or replace them regularly. This helps maintain a clean interior environment and reduces the presence of airborne particles inside your vehicle.

Keeping our cars safe from the harmful effects of volcanic smog is a must. These simple maintenance tips will surely help in preserving the condition of our vehicles. Remember to stay informed about vog activity in your area through official sources, such as PHIVOLCS, to take appropriate precautions for the wellbeing of our valuable automobiles.