Host the Perfect Summer Gathering with Lifetime Tables

Host the Perfect Summer Gathering with Lifetime Tables

Hosting a party at home is not easy. There is a long list of things you need to prepare before the day of the party. It includes food, a guest list, party favors, decorations, and of course, a set of tables and chairs. 

Lifetime tables are perfect for hosting all sorts of parties even at home. Whether you are planning a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, family reunion, or summer party, ACE Hardware is your reliable source of table sets from Lifetime! 

Here are some helpful tips on how you can make your next summer get-together as memorable as possible:

Make table arrangements for guests

Depending on the number of people you are expecting, you want to plan out seating areas in advance. If you are expecting a large group of guests, prepare a clear seating arrangement. 

Set up outdoor tables and chairs in an open area like the garden. This way, you won’t have a bunch of people milling around in one area of your house. The classic banquet style can seat up to 10 guests per table. Family-style seating is best for creating an intimate atmosphere at a large party.

party tables

Lifetime 4-Ft. Fold-In-Half Table

Lifetime folding tables and folding chairs are specially made for big table arrangements. With a selection of party table sizes, you have enough space to accommodate everyone!

lifetime folding chairs

Lifetime Almond Folding Chair

Set up a food station

No house party is complete without an array of delicious food. Setting up a food station is an effective way to keep all your guests full and entertained. An open food station enables you to lay as much food as you can for your guests to pick up and eat. 

Invest in a good quality long table like Lifetime’s residential tables. ACE Hardware carries a selection of durable tables constructed from high-density polyethylene. With a convenient folding design, you can easily transport, set up, and store your party tables.

lifetime tables and chairs

Lifetime 6FT Fold-In-Half Table (Black)

Plan party table games

If you are planning a birthday party or a family reunion, make sure to prepare a lot of fun games for everyone. You can have a few games ready to go on the table, or you can have a volunteer call out games as people arrive. Individual games can also be added to the table during dinner. Consider having a few word games on hand to play while dinner is being served.

party table games

Lifetime 1-Meter Nesting Table

Assemble all the props you need such as outdoor tables and chairs for the classic ping pong drinking game and musical chairs game. You want your guests to enjoy the party with a comfortably sturdy folding chair and table.

table with chairs

Lifetime Folding Chair - Dark Gray

Invest in Lifetime tables and chairs for your parties

The best way to ensure that your guests have a great time at your next party is to invest in a good set of Lifetime tables and chairs. Whether you are looking for banquet tables, party game tables, and more, you can turn to ACE Hardware to equip your next party at home!

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