Beyond the Bowl: Debunking 3 Toilet Myths

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Beyond the Bowl: Debunking 3 Toilet Myths

Let's face it; toilets are a part of our daily lives. They're essential, but they also bring along a load of myths. Fear not, though, because we're here, equipped with ACE Helpful Tips, to flush away the confusion and help you enjoy a bathroom that's not only sparkling clean but also super cozy and free from headaches. 

  • Myth 1: Plungers are Miracle Workers

    cFact: Plungers are the unsung heroes of bathroom tools
    – they come to the rescue when common clogs near the toilet bowl strike. But when the going gets tough, like trying to retrieve kids' toys from the depths of your plumbing, it's time to call in the toilet auger. Think of it as a plumber's secret weapon, fearlessly reaching into the abyss to save your toilet.
  • Myth 2: Toilet Seats are Germ Havens

    Fact: The fear of catching diseases from toilet seats is a common misconception.
    While toilets can harbor germs, the risk of getting serious diseases like HIV/AIDS or herpes from a toilet seat is incredibly low. Most of the germs you'll find in a bathroom are the everyday kind, like streptococcus or E-coli. A simple wipe-down with an antibacterial solution and proper handwashing with Lysol Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap after using the bathroom is all you need to keep things squeaky clean.

    By the way, ACE offers comfy and easy-to-clean options like the ACE 17" Round White Plastic Toilet Seat Cover and the ACE Vinyl Cushioned Toilet Seat Cover - Elongated 19in.
  • Myth 3: You can Flush Anything

    Fact: It's tempting to use the toilet as a catch-all disposal, but it wasn't built for that purpose.
    Stick to flushing human waste only. Flushing other things like sanitary products or random objects can lead to clogs and plumbing headaches.

    Don't let these toilet myths rattle your confidence. Armed with the facts, you can create a bathroom experience that's clean, cozy, and worry-free. And for that extra touch of comfort and cleanliness, visit ACE Hardware stores and explore our extensive range of toilet products – because a little luxury can make a big difference in your daily routine!