Air Cooler vs Electric Fan: Which Is Better for Your Home?

Air Cooler vs Electric Fan: Which Is Better for Your Home?

The summer season can be rough for us in a tropical country like the Philippines. Most of us beat the heat by using air conditioning units at home to keep ourselves cool during the hot season. However, for those who do not have air conditioners, staying comfortable amidst the summer heat can be difficult.

That is why efficient appliances like air coolers and electric fans are the familiar answers for most households to stay cool in their homes. The question is, which one is better? ACE Hardware is here to answer that for you!

What is an Air Cooler?

An air cooler is a household appliance used to cool the air in your home. It has become one of the popular appliances to own because of its portability and low-maintenance features compared to air conditioners.

Also known as swamp coolers, air coolers draw in hot air and pass it through a wet filter. This process cools and humidifies the air, creating a cooler indoor environment and can cool areas up to 500 square feet. 

Keeping the air circulating when using a portable air cooler is ideal to maximize effectiveness. You can open the windows and doors to let the air indoors and strategically place your air cooler in front of them. This technique will help ensure that cooler air circulates throughout the room. 


inverter air cooler
Dowell Air Cooler With Ionizer ARC80

Overall, air coolers from ACE Hardware are a great option for anyone looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to cool indoor spaces. There are energy-efficient inverter air coolers that can cool down larger spaces, and only require water to operate. With proper use, air coolers can help create a comfortable and cool environment in any home.

electric stand fan

Dowell Portable Aircon 1.5HP PA-212A15G/12K18A

What is an Electric Fan? 

An electric fan is among the common appliances found in every household in the country. It has blades that rotate, thus circulating air to cool and ventilate rooms. It also has various speeds and sizes to control humidity with its wind-chill breeze.

One type of electric fan is the ceiling fan. It is great for circulating air in large spaces like the living room. There are also industrial ceiling fans ideal for industrial settings.

wall mounted fan

Westinghouse Turbo Swirl Ceiling Fan 30in.

Electric stand fans and desk fans are perfect for common areas in the house. Stand fans are tall with adjustable height, while table fans are ideal for smaller spaces like the home office or as an extra cooling appliance.

industrial ceiling fans

Dowell Bundle Stand Fan 16" STRB23/TFB23-16A

On the other hand, wall-mounted fans provide excellent air circulation in any room, pushing the air down to send a breeze around the room. They are easy to install and do not take up any floor space. 

air cooler benefits

Dowell Wall Fan 18" DWF22-16A (Set Of 2)

ACE offers a wide range of electric fans for your cooling needs at home. Our collection of fans includes durable and reliable brands trusted by many homeowners. 

Which One is Better?

Now that you know more about air coolers and electric fans, it is time to decide which is better for cooling your home. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to consider all the factors before making a purchase decision.

Air Cooler: Benefits and Disadvantages

An air cooler can cool a room quickly and efficiently. It is also more energy efficient than most air conditioner units and can be used in smaller spaces. 

However, the disadvantage of an air cooler is it has limited cooling capacity and needs a daily water change. Another downside is that air coolers are only best for dry environments. Using air coolers in humid places can induce more moisture into the room that can cause molds and mildew to grow.

Electric Fan: Benefits and Disadvantages

Meanwhile, the benefit of an electric fan is it requires little to no maintenance. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other cooling appliances. The downside is it does not cool the air like air coolers. 

So, which of the two is better for cooling your home? The answer depends on your needs and preferences. An air cooler is your best bet if you are looking for a quick and efficient cooling solution. An electric fan is your best choice for a quiet and low-maintenance appliance.

No matter what you choose, air coolers and electric fans can help keep your home chill during the hot summer months. Do not forget to consider the pros and cons when looking for the best cooling solution for your home. 

Are you looking to buy a cooling appliance for your home? Check out ACE Hardware’s selection of fans and air coolers for sale! Find a range of electric fans and portable air coolers to keep you cool this summer season. 

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