A Pet Owner’s Guide for Choosing the Right Cat Litter

A Pet Owner’s Guide for Choosing the Right Cat Litter

Cats are one of the cleanest animals on the earth. They are generally known for their cleanliness and personal hygiene habits. This makes them among the easiest pets to take care of compared to canine pets. 

Speaking of hygiene, there are essential pet care items every cat owner should provide for their pet. One of those is cat litter! Cats naturally have the instinct to dig and bury pet waste. That’s why ACE Hardware is here to give you a detailed guide to selecting the best cat litter in the Philippines!

What is cat litter?

Cat litter is an essential part of an indoor cat's hygiene routine. It is a granular material used in litter boxes to absorb and retain the urine and feces of cats. Usually, materials like clay or bentonite, silica gel, recycled paper, wood chips, or organic plant fibers are used in its construction. 

This feline essential keeps houses, apartments, and other indoor places clean, preventing odors from spreading and fostering excellent health and hygiene for the cat and the owner. It has changed over the years to include features like clumping, low-dust formulas, eco-friendly materials, and scented options. Some litter types are made so that the cat doesn't track as much litter out of their litter box, while others have antibacterial properties to help stop the spread of germs.

Common Types Of Cat Litter

Deciding on the best cat litter for your pet is not easy, especially if you’re a first-time cat owner. There are a lot of choices out there, so it's crucial to think about things like how to prevent odors, how to clean, and what litter your cat prefers.

Firstly, you need to know the common types of cat litter available:

Clay Cat Litter

Clay or bentonite cat litter is the most popular type in the market. It is good for controlling odor and contains clumping properties for easy cleanup. The only downside of using clay litter is it's nonbiodegradable, heavy, and creates dust, which is a big no for cats and humans with respiratory issues.

This kind of litter usually comes in clumping and non-clumping variants, depending on what you need. It also has scented and unscented options to choose from. You can easily find this in pet supply stores for every budget. 

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Our Car Clumping Cat Litter

Get your supply of clay litter from ACE Hardware! Our Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter is made from natural Sodium Bentonite. Its advanced formula is made to absorb water and form clumps that are easy to remove and throw away quickly. This helps keep the litter box clean and fresh, which cuts down on smells and makes your cat feel more at ease.

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Catsan Ultra Odor Control Cat Litter

There is also charcoal-infused clay cat litter that is more absorbent than the regular types of litter. Charcoal has absorbent properties that minimize odor and clump litter like Our Cat Clumping Charcoal Cat Litter. Get this option at ACE Hardware as well!

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Our Cat Clumping Cat Litter with Charcoal

Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu litter offers your cat a natural and safer option. This new cat litter alternative is made out of soybean fiber. It has a dust-free composition that helps prevent respiratory issues commonly caused by clay litter. Plus, its fresh, natural scent promotes comfortable breathing for you and your furry friend at home.

This organic cat litter has good clumping properties and is flushable, making it an eco-friendly choice for most fur parents! Tofu cat litter is available at a higher price range than clay litter types. Here are tofu litter options you can find at ACE stores:

  • Our Cat Natural Tofu Cat Litter - An eco-friendly, organic solution to combat and control cat litter box odors. Highly absorbent and easy to clean, it's also economical and biodegradable. Plus, it's flushable in small quantities!
  • Our Cat Tofu Green Tea Litter - The combination of natural tofu and green tea helps get rid of smells you don't want and gives your home a fresh scent. It clumps together for easy cleaning and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional clay litter.
  • Our Cat Tofu Lavender Litter - A plant-based cat litter made from natural tofu and infused with a lavender scent. It soaks up a lot of liquid, sticks together so it's easy to clean, and is better for the environment than traditional clay litter. Perfect for pet owners looking for a safe and natural solution for their cats.
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Our Cat Natural Tofu Cat Litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter

With its distinct structure, silica cat litter binds odors and absorbs moisture. Also known as crystal cat litter, this unique mineral-based litter is best for its lightweight and low-maintenance properties. It can stay in your cat's litter box for up to four weeks without emitting the typical smell of cat pee. 

This type of litter isn't suitable for everyone, though. It’s non-clumping, requires frequent stirring to absorb urine better, and is quite expensive than other types.

If you choose silica litter for your pet, ACE Hardware has a few options for you such as Pets World Cat Litter. It is a biodegradable cat litter with excellent absorption properties. It effectively controls odors and makes it easy to clean. 

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Pets World Cat Litter

Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Another eco-friendly option is paper cat litter. Made primarily of recycled paper fibers, paper pellet cat litter is unscented, absorbent, and non-toxic. It is a popular choice for cats and cat owners with sensitive noses as it produces a very minimal amount of dust.

The downside to using this type of cat litter is it has mediocre odor control, is non-clumping, and needs frequent changing. Compared to other litter types, paper cat litter is budget-friendly! 

Wood Cat Litter

Pine pellet or wood cat litter is well known for its eco-friendly and biodegradable properties. Usually made from pine wood, this natural litter can absorb urine four to seven times the liquid weight, leaving sawdust at the bottom of the box. 

It is also a good neutralizer of odor with a pine scent. The cons, however, are it can be difficult to clean and is non-clumping.

How to choose the right cat litter

Choosing the right cat litter ensures your cat's health and happiness. There are several factors to consider when selecting cat litter:

  1. Your cat's preferences - Consider the litter's texture, scent, and feel to ensure your cat is comfortable using it.
  2. Clumping vs non-clumping litters - Clumping litters are easy to use and control odor, while non-clumping litters can be better for cats with sensitive paws.
  3. Materials - Litters are made from various materials, including clay, natural plant fibers, and recycled materials.
  4. Dust level -  High dust levels can harm your and your cat's respiratory health.
  5. Tracking potential -  Choose a litter that doesn't track excessively to keep your home clean.
  6. Environmental impact - Some litters are biodegradable or compostable, making them more eco-friendly.
  7. Your lifestyle - Consider how often you're willing to change the litter and whether you prefer a low-maintenance option.

How to properly dispose of cat litter

Here's a list of steps to properly dispose of cat litter:

  1. Scoop solid waste from the litter box daily and dispose of it in a plastic bag.
  2. Change the litter entirely once a week or more frequently if you have multiple cats or notice a strong odor.
  3. Use a biodegradable litter that can be composted or flushed in small amounts.
  4. If using regular litter, double bag it and dispose of it in your trash.
  5. Avoid throwing cat litter in outdoor trash cans, attracting animals and insects.
  6. Do not flush large quantities of litter, as it can clog pipes and harm aquatic life.

When to change the litter in the cat box

To keep your cat's litter box clean and fresh, it's essential to change the litter regularly. As a general rule, you should completely change the litter once a week. 

If you have multiple cats or notice a strong odor, you may need to change it more frequently. Scoop solid waste daily and dispose of it in a plastic bag. Always wash the litter box with soap and water before adding fresh litter.

Choosing the right cat litter can make a big difference in your cat's health and happiness, as well as your own. With the information and tips provided in this guide, you can decide which litter is best for you and your feline friend. 

Looking for where to buy cat litter? Visit ACE Hardware stores for a wide selection of high-quality cat litter options. Find a range of cat litter prices and trusted brands that suit your cat’s needs. Shop now!