A Guide to Creating an Emergency Supply Kit for Typhoons & Earthquakes

A Guide to Creating an Emergency Supply Kit for Typhoons & Earthquakes

The Philippines is no stranger to natural disasters. From typhoons and floods to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, being prepared is crucial for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. A key element of disaster preparedness is having a well-stocked emergency supply kit.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through building a basic emergency supply kit and how ACE Hardware can be your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Why Prepare?

Imagine a strong typhoon hits your area, knocking out power and causing floods. Essential stores might be closed, and reaching them could be dangerous. Disasters can strike without any warning and having a well-prepared emergency kit or go bag offers peace of mind and support when immediate help isn't available during emergencies.

Building Your Emergency Kit: A Checklist

Stocking up on key items for your emergency kit is vital for safety and comfort in unexpected situations. ACE Hardware offers a wide range of emergency supplies to build your kit. Here’s a basic checklist to get you started:

Food & Water

canned goods


An emergency kit should always include a 3-day supply of non-perishable food and easy-to-prepare options such as canned goods, high-energy bars, and dried fruits. These provide essential nutrients during emergencies. 

Stock up on bottled water for hydration and cooking needs. It’s best to store at least one gallon of water per person per day for three days. Water purification tablets are also handy in situations where clean water is scarce.

It's important to remember that the food and water in your emergency kit should be replaced every six months to ensure they remain fresh and usable.

Light source and communication

flashlights and batteries


A reliable flashlight is important. Consider rechargeable flashlights or rechargeable emergency lights that prove long-lasing light without needing disposable batteries and electricity. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries for non-rechargeable flashlights.

Additionally, stay informed on current news with a battery-powered radio. Opt for a multi-purpose option like an ACE Hardware’s rechargeable fan with light and radio—it provides ventilation, light, and crucial updates during emergencies.

ACE Hardware offers a wide variety of lighting and communication essentials like flashlights and batteries for disaster preparedness. Ensure you're equipped with these essentials to stay informed and safe during emergencies.

Sanitation & Hygiene

hygiene kit


Maintaining cleanliness during emergencies is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases. Hygiene wipes and sanitation kits are essential for this purpose. They allow for personal cleanliness when traditional facilities are unavailable. 

Include garbage bags for waste disposal and ensure a clean and hygienic environment. They can also double as waterproof storage, protecting important items from damage. 

First Aid Kit

first aid kit


Be prepared for any injuries with a well-stocked first aid kit. It's essential for treating minor injuries, preventing infections, and providing immediate medical aid. Make sure to include antiseptic solutions to clean wounds, bandages in various sizes, gauze pads, adhesive tapes, medicines like pain relievers, thermometers, and small scissors. 

Multi-Purpose Tools

hand tool set


Pack a multi-purpose tool, like a wrench or pliers for various emergency situations. If you can pack a handy mechanical or electrical tool set, the better. Use tools for turning off utilities like valves and water lines, making minor repairs, and opening food cans and containers. Include a whistle to use as a signal for help in case you need assistance.

Shelter & Warmth

For typhoons or other situations requiring temporary shelter, consider a tent or a sturdy tarpaulin. It can be used to create a makeshift shelter or as a cover over a damaged roof, protecting you from harsh weather conditions. 

Blankets are also a vital part of any emergency kit. Include a few blankets in your kit to provide much-needed warmth and comfort, especially during typhoons or cold nights in shelters or evacuation centers. They can also be used for ground cover or as a makeshift shelter. 

Important Documents

In an emergency kit, it's essential to secure copies of your IDs, insurance papers, passports, and other important documents. These documents are crucial for proving identity and are vital for receiving aid or assistance during emergencies. To ensure these documents remain safe and intact, store them in a waterproof bag.

Be Ready, Be Safe

To ensure your emergency supply kit is always ready, store it in an accessible location within your home. Prioritize a spot that everyone in your household can easily find. A waterproof container will protect your essentials from water damage, especially during typhoons and earthquakes.

Now that you have a comprehensive guide to building your emergency kit, it's time to take action! Remember, a little planning and preparation can make a big difference in the face of an emergency. For all your disaster preparedness needs, visit the nearest ACE Hardware store or Call & Collect.

Need a fire-ready emergency bag? Stay tuned for our guide on how to modify this emergency kit for housefires and wildfires.