7 Practical Gift Wrapping Hacks You Should Know

7 Practical Gift Wrapping Hacks You Should Know

If you struggle with gift wrapping, then worry no more because Ace Hardware is here to give you easy and innovative solutions to wrap your gifts in minutes! From useful tips to unconventional tools, you'll have your wrapping done without breaking a sweat with these genius hacks:

1. Make use of empty toilet rolls

    Have trouble organizing your gift-wrapping supplies during your wrapping frenzy? Simply cut one side of a toilet roll tube and slip it over the gift wrap roll. Make sure to use sharp tools in gift wrappings like scissors or a knife cutter. This little hack keeps your Christmas gift wraps intact whether in use or storage. 

    gift wrapping tips

    Stanley Snap-Off Knife Blade 18mm

    2. Use photos as gift tags 

      Do you have any young helpers that enjoy passing out presents from under the tree? Help them out in their role as Christmas elves by including a picture of the recipient on the gift tag instead of writing out their name.

      Even the youngest of assistants will have no trouble identifying the correct recipients because they won't need to read the labels. Stick the photos to a tag-shaped cardboard or directly on the gift with your reliable glue.

      how to wrap a gift

      Elmer’s Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue 907g

      3. Repurpose used boxes and bags

        Given that your home is probably already packed with boxes, why spend more on gift boxes and bags? Re-using cereal boxes, paper shopping bags, and other materials to wrap your gifts will help you reduce waste and save a little money. This gift-wrapping tip also keeps oddly-shaped gifts intact and easier to wrap. 

        4. Seamless gift wrap

          The ultimate hack for a professionally-wrapped holiday present is the use of double-sided tape for gift wrapping. Instead of using standard scotch tape, secure the edges of your gift with double-sided tape for that seamless-looking wrap!

          christmas gift wrap

          ACE Mounting Tape 19mm X 3.3m

          5. Make a ribbon handle

            Rather than using the standard method of wrapping presents, try folding the sides toward the center and taping the seams together. Then, place a longer, wider ribbon at the end of the paper and fold it down so that it rests on top of the present. When you get to the finish, fold in the edges to make a bow. The final product is a gift bag decorated for the holiday season.

            6. Alternative gift wrappers

              When running out of paper gift wrap, you can use alternatives like ribbons, foils, plastic bags, and bubble wrap. DIY gift wraps are also a sustainable way to cover your presents this holiday. For small gifts, skip the paper wraps and reduce waste by tucking them in a DIY gift box made from a toilet roll tube.

              7. Use fabric gift wrap 

                Make use of fabric scraps to wrap small gifts that can be carried easily without the risk of paper ripping or bow bending. Pack your box into the middle of the fabric and secure the ends with a knot. You can also adopt the Japanese way of wrapping gifts known as Furoshiki.

                Wrap it up!

                No matter how you wrap it, your gift will be the best it can be when you give it to a loved one. With Ace Hardware’s supplies, this task is easier than ever this holiday! Save time looking for gift-wrapping materials by browsing at acehardware.ph.

                Enjoy the convenience of shopping online at shopsm.com or call us at #11223 to order all your hardware needs! Have a happy holiday!