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Are you looking for solutions to that leaking faucet and clogged toilet? We understand how frustrating it is to have plumbing problems in your home. They waste your time, water, energy, and money. But, worry no more because you are in the best one-stop plumbing shop. 

Ace Hardware is the top shop for online plumbing supplies in the Philippines. You get the best plumbing products at the most affordable prices with us. Shop for the latest shower heaters, sets, water filters, purification systems, and more.

The Ace of your plumbing needs

After a long tiring day, all we want is a nice hot or cold shower. Ace Hardware offers a range of shower solutions for all your needs. 

The Rosco Exposed Pipe Double Shower Set With Diverter is perfect if you are looking for a high-end and long-lasting shower set. Aside from the square rain shower head, you can also opt for the square telephone shower. Made of stainless steel with a matte finish, these showers will never rust or flake. You'll get the best of both worlds!

We also have one of the most extensive selections of water heaters on the market. With models ranging from tankless to tank and electric to gas, we have a model for every homeowner's needs. 

Check out the Panasonic Water Heater. It's designed for open-outlet style instant electric water heaters and can be mounted to the floor or ceiling. You'll get a lifetime warranty on this product too.

A variety of high-quality water filter systems is also available at our stores. Each water filter system can remove harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, limescale, and more so that your family can enjoy fresh, clean drinking water all year round. Our variety of faucets with features like pull-out spouts and modern design so that you can enjoy the convenience of easy access to water while still maintaining a classic look in your bathroom or kitchen.

Plumbing systems for any household

At Ace Hardware, you can find anything you need for your home. From toilets to faucets, water heaters, and shower sets, we offer a variety of plumbing fixtures and plumbing materials to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Looking to buy plumbing supplies and products now? Browse now at Call us at #11223 to order all your hardware needs!


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