Paint Accessories

Get These Essential Painting Accessories from ACE Hardware 

Are you planning to turn your simple space into a masterpiece? You need to check out ACE Hardware's great painting accessories! From unleashing your creativity with a paintbrush to effortlessly rolling your way to perfection, ACE Hardware has got you covered. Get ready to brush off the ordinary and dive into a world of colorful possibilities! 


One of the most crucial painting accessories is a reliable paintbrush. At ACE Hardware, you'll find a wide range of paintbrushes suited for various applications. From synthetic bristles for water-based paints to natural bristles for oil-based paints, you can find the perfect brush to meet your specific needs. ACE Hardware's selection of high-quality paintbrushes will help you achieve professional-looking results every time. 

Paint Rollers and Roller Brushes 

For larger surface areas, using a paint roller is a game-changer. ACE Hardware offers a diverse range of paint rollers and roller brushes to help you cover more ground quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to paint walls, ceilings, or floors, a good quality roller brush ensures smooth and consistent coverage. With ACE Hardware's paint rollers and roller brushes, you can guarantee professional results that will allow you to complete your painting projects in no time. 

Paint Trays and Liners 

To ensure a hassle-free painting experience, ACE Hardware provides a selection of paint trays and liners. Paint trays hold the paint for your roller, making it easier to dip and load the roller brush evenly, while disposable liners can save you time and effort in cleaning up. ACE Hardware's paint trays and liners are designed to streamline your painting process, allowing you to focus on achieving a flawless finish without worrying about cleanup. 

Paint Stirrers and Mixers 

Properly mixing your paint is essential to achieve consistent color and texture. ACE Hardware's painting essentials include a range of paint stirrers and mixers that ensure your paint is thoroughly mixed before application. Whether you prefer manual stirrers or powered mixers, they have the right accessory for you. These tools help blend the paint pigments and binders, preventing any inconsistencies in the final result. 

Achieve a smooth, well-mixed paint, resulting in a professional-looking finish by using ACE Hardware's paint stirrers and mixers. Transform your painting projects and create a flawless finish every time. 

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