How to make a disaster plan

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How to make a disaster plan

Here are simple tips to make sure you can get back quickly to living normally after a disaster strikes.​

  1. Protect Your Home and Property​

    Strengthen and secure windows, doors and any weak points in your home’s construction.​

    Store any free-standing items (like cabinets) indoors. This will prevent damage and helps keep these objects from becoming dangerous themselves.​​​

  2. Prepare Your Vehicle

    Keep vehicles fueled and in good repair.​

    Keep an emergency kit inside each vehicle. Your kit should include food, water, blankets, flares.​

    Secure your vehicle in a covered area or garage. Close the windows and doors.​​

  3. Keep a List of Contact Phone Numbers Handy

    Include all emergency numbers, such as police, fire department, ambulance and poison control.​

    Include numbers of family and friends you may need help from or may need to be informed about an emergency.​

    Pre-program your emergency contact list into your mobile phone.​

  4. Have a Plan for Your Pets

    If at all possible, don’t leave your pets behind.​

    Most human disaster shelters do not accept pets, other than service dogs, so be sure to plan ahead.​

    Make sure your pet has proper identification, in case it’s separated from you during the disaster.​

    Find a comfortable carrier for your pet, so you can easily transport them in an emergency.​​

  5. Develop a Communication Plan​

    Include a plan for reuniting.​

    It’s also a good idea to ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact” in case of a disaster, as it’s often easier to call long distance.​

    Review the plan with all members of the family. And take it for a test run with the members of your household.​

  6. Develop a Communication Plan​
    Review your plan at least once a year.​