3 steps to cleaning grout

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3 steps to cleaning grout

If you have tile or stone in your home, chances are you have grout and it can be dirty.​​​

Cleaning it can restore some of the color and for sure make it cleaner.​​

  1. Use the right cleaning products. For grout cleaning you can use a lot of different cleaners. Consider using products like concentrated dish soap and warm water, a degreasing cleaner and warm water, a powdered cleaner with an Oxy-additive. Remember to use gloves when using a cleaner to keep your hands safe.​
  2. After you decide on the cleaner you can either use small stiff bristled nylon hand scrubbing brushes or a nylon scrubbing brush on the end of a cordless drill.​
  3. Apply the cleaner and scrub for several minutes and then let stand for 10-15 minutes. Scrub again and then rinse with clean water. This should give you the best results.​

If you loosen some of the grout during the cleaning don’t worry you can touch those areas up with a little grout using your finger to press into place and then wipe the tile or stone down with a wet sponge so the grout does not stick to the tiles.​

Note: If your grout is white or was white restoring it to its original color and brightness might be tough, especially on floors.​