3 Simple tips to prepare your home for earthquake

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3 Simple tips to prepare your home for earthquake

Prepare your home and family for earthquake. Natural disaster like this can be harmful but you can do some prep to mitigate the harm.

During earthquakes, non-structural failures in your home can cause significant damage or injuries. Appliances can shift around leading to a gas leak and resulting in a fire. Plumbing can disconnect or break under the stress causing a flood. Furniture and fixtures can fall or dump their contents. Taking steps to secure these objects in your home can help reduce your risk in the event of an earthquake.​

    During an earthquake, tall items can fall over and block your exit, damage surrounding items or cause injury. Brace or anchor high or top-heavy objects to the wall studs.​
  2. DECOR​​
    Hang pictures, mirrors and shelves away from areas where people sleep or sit. Brace overhead light fixtures. These items may fall, causing damage or injury. Specially-designed earthquake waxes and gels may help secure breakables and small items as well.​
    Install strong latches or bolts on cabinets. Latches can prevent cabinets from opening and spilling the contents. Place large or heavy objects on shelves near the floor.​