General Cleaning

Discover Effective Cleaning Agents for Spotless Home at ACE

Tackle dirt, grime, and stains effectively at home with our selection of effective cleaning agents. Whether you need to clean, sanitize, or remove tough stains, we have the right cleansers and disinfectants to help you deep clean every corner of your house.

High-Performance Cleaning Agents for Every Task

Get rid of even the most stubborn dirt with acid-cleaning agents such as concentrated muriatic acid. This powerful cleaning agent can tackle walls, floors, sinks, toilet bowls, and tile, ceramic, and marble surfaces. With an HCl level of 27%-29%, it's ideal for home and industrial cleaning needs.

Need a powerful cleaning agent that's also environmentally friendly? Look no further than ACE Hardware for a variety of household cleaning paste. This cleaner is perfect for tackling tough stains on sinks, baths, porcelain, vinyl, plastic garden furniture, ovens, and cookware.

Ensure a thoroughly sanitized environment with our range of potent disinfectants, formulated to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. Our disinfectants are effective for maintaining a clean and healthy space, making them essential for use in homes, offices, and various commercial settings.

Make Your Cleaning Easy Now

With a diverse range of cleaning agents, including acid cleaning agents, chemical cleaning agents, and cleaning and sanitizing agents, we offer a comprehensive selection to cater to various cleaning requirements, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Browse our collection of cleaning agents now at ACE Hardware online. Call us at #11223 to order all your houseware and hardware needs!


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