ACE Hardware: Get the Right Solutions for Your Home 

ACE Hardware is your one-stop shop for all the essential items needed to maintain a safe and healthy home. From common household chemicals and batteries to car wash and disinfectant spray, ACE has everything you need to get the job done.

Keep your home safe and clean

ACE Hardware carries various common household chemicals and batteries to help you keep a clean, safe, and secure home. Our selection of household toxic chemicals is carefully curated for maximum effectiveness and minimal risk.

Are termites taking over your home? Put a stop to them with our Orsus Termite Termiticide Concentrate. It's the most effective household pesticide to eliminate termites from wood, soil, walls, and foundations. Quick and easy to apply, it's the perfect solution for getting rid of those pesky termites and keeping your home safe.

Get rid of mosquitoes and insects quickly with our Baygon Mult-Insect Killer! Its fast knockdown formula and double nozzle technology will provide you with wide spray protection, proven to be effective against multiple insect types. Plus, it's kerosene-based, so you can trust its effectiveness. 

Keep your family, home, and business safe from fire with the Fire Stop Portable Fire Extinguisher. This dry chemical foam is an environmentally-friendly formula that is flame-retardant and non-refillable. It is also non-toxic, making it safe for everyone in your home or business. Place it in your car or mount it on the wall to always be prepared for a fire.

Get the power you need to keep all your devices running with an Eveready Rechargeable AA Battery! These AA batteries for the home can be charged up to 1000 times and have a capacity of 1300mAh. Its innovative design ensures that you get maximum performance from your devices and can use them for longer. 

Time-saving solutions

No more running around for supplies. ACE Hardware has everything you need for a clean and efficient household in one place. Enjoy fast, affordable common household chemicals and batteries with minimal effort! 

Browse for common household chemicals and batteries today at Call us at #11223 to order all your hardware needs!


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