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24 Hour Roach Killer

Baygon 24-hour roach killer

27pcs Food Storage Boxes White

Food Storage 27pcs

3-Step Multi-Purpose Ladder

• Heavy duty • Featherweight • Type 1: 250lbs capacity • 3-1/8in. deeply ribbed steps for safe footing • No sharp edges • Big platform • Folds away thinly for easy storage • Slip-proof vinyl footing

3D EcoCool Evaporative Air Cooler

When things get a bit too hot, this air cooler will be just what you need. This modern home essential is designed with variable speed and humidity settings that work hard to create the most comfortabl...

3D Empire Tower Fan TF10ET

Model: TF10ET 3 speed control electric fan 2-hour timer Over 60-degree oscillation Thermal fuse protected motor 40W

3D Flat Iron SM1000II

Power Input:  1000W Easy temperature setting Thermostat regulated heating Aluminum sole plate with metal housing Protected with thermal fuse With power light indicator

3D Hot & Cold Water Dispenser WD350 (White)

Power Input:  550W (Hot) 80W (Cold) Fast boiling time: 12 minutes With storage cabinet Detachable funnel for easy cleaning Capacity: Hot Water - 5L/Hr Cold Water - 2L/Hr Protected with fuse...

3D IFTP45 Cyclone Aire Industrial Fan 18in.

3 speed settings 18in. plastic blade 90° oscillation Durable metal grills and tripod 117cm maximum height 165W

3D Industrial Floor Fan 9" CHV9V

Size 9"/22.86cm aluminum blade All Metal Construction with plastic switch box Chrome-plated grill tilt stand, adjustable up to 90° Sturdy carrying handle Motor with built-in thermal fuse Power o...