Showers and Shower Heaters

Transform Your Shower Experience

Transform your shower experience with ACE Hardware's high-performance water heater and shower head. Feel the difference as the powerful water flow envelops you, delivering a rejuvenating cascade of warmth. With advanced technology and precise temperature control, indulge in luxurious showers that invigorate your senses and refresh you.

Indulge in a Spa-like Shower

Experience a spa-like shower with ACE Hardware's premium water heater and shower head solution. Get a blissful cascade of warmth and relaxation, transforming your everyday shower into a rejuvenating retreat.

Wassernison's Hand Shower Set with Dual Control Shower Faucet is designed to work seamlessly even with low water pressure. It ensures a satisfying shower every time. Enjoy the versatility of multi-spray functions, including massage, spray, and spray with massage, for a personalized bathing experience. 

The Panasonic Multi-Point Electric Water Heater ensures reliable performance. Weighing just 2.0kg, it boasts a compact design with built-in safety features like ELCB, thermal cut-out, water flow switch, manual reset thermostat, insulated structure, copper heater unit, and built-in earth leakage breaker.

Upgrade your shower with the Rosco RO-1811 Shower Set. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it guarantees long-lasting performance while being rust-free. Enjoy water-saving benefits without compromising on water pressure. The set includes a 1.5m hose, shower head, hose, and mount, providing a convenient and easy installation process.

Efficiency Meets Luxury

Discover the perfect blend of efficiency and luxury with ACE Hardware's state-of-the-art water heater and shower head combo. Indulge in a shower experience like no other, where comfort meets performance. 

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