How to start a toolbox

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How to start a toolbox

Invest in a tool box!​

From traditional home repair to emergency jobs, having the right tools on hand will be key to caring for your home. It’s a small investment to have the peace of mind knowing you can keep your home in tip top shape with what’s in your tool collection.​

  1. ​Start with a toolbox that has lots of storage space and is flexible enough to let you carry project-specific items via a tray.
  2. Make sure to have a screwdriver that have at least both Philips and standard blades.
  3. A slip-joint plier set is a must have for any plumbing work in and around the home as well as other tasks.
  4. An 8m tape measure is perfect for all measuring inside or out of your home. The length suits nearly any home project and the bright yellow offers and easy-to-read blade.
  5. A 16 oz Rip/Claw Hammer for driving and pulling out nails is a perfect balance of power and convenience.
  6. Hex wrenches in standard and metric sizes... You’ll need these for assembly of most items you will buy like furniture, toys, outdoor furniture, and even automotive parts.
  7. A retractable utility knife for opening boxes easily to cutting drywall, and many other things.
  8. A 2-foot I-beam level ruler with a top-read window for easy viewing and glow in the dark vial surrounds ensure the level can be read even on dimly-lit job sites. It’s best to have variable sizes to your levels for different tasks.
  9. A plier/cutter set. These are very useful to have for grabbing, cutting and stripping wires.
  10. Make sure you have a cordless drill in your home... you won’t believe how much time it saves. From assembling furniture to odds and ends around the home, having a good quality cordless drill lasts longer on projects and brings a quality result to your project.

This is your starter kit and from here you can add on. Life is too short to buy and use cheap tools. Buy quality and they will last and get the job done every time.​