How to decorate for the holidays in one afternoon

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How to decorate for the holidays in one afternoon

Christmas Holiday is the perfect time to liven up your home and add a much-needed festive feel to your living space. It can be a fun activity to do with your family. Let your creativity and imagination work while spending quality time with them. Try these simple ideas to keep your holiday decorating safe and enjoyable. ​

  • Try Rope Lights​
    These light sets are enclosed in a tube making them a quick and high-impact way to add holiday characters to your outdoor scene. They also look great wrapped around a porch railing or entry columns.
  • Hang Shaped Lights​
    Sold individually, or in multi-packs. For high impact, choose one motif, like snowflakes. Place one in each window or on each shutter, adorn a tree or tack a few on fences.
  • Choose Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees​
    Placed near your doorway, or set-up in your front windows, lit trees create a warm welcome. For an added holiday effect, try hanging some evergreen-scented sticks near the tree trunk.
  • Switch to LED and Commercial-Grade Light Sets​
    The stronger seals and cords can handle the wear and tear of repeated years of rolling and unrolling the strands. And, with their long life, you’ll save money season after season without having to replace burnt out sets. You can connect usually about 40 strands together – saving you time configuring your display and setting up power cords. And, newer sets have a more natural glow and variety of bulb styles than early-generation LED holiday lights. ​
  • Use Light Clips​
    If you’ve been living without these for the past few years, give yourself a holiday gift. Light clips are available for hanging lights off gutters, eaves, railings, window frames and trim without nails or staples. They are available for almost any type of exterior siding, including brick and masonry. The clips can be re-used from year to year, or left inconspicuously in place to make it easy to set up lights for other holidays. ​​