Easy Steps to a Tidy Home for 2023

Easy Steps to a Tidy Home for 2023

There is no better way to welcome 2023 than to have a tidy home! Decluttering your home is the life-changing magic to reduce stress and start fresh. Inspired by the famous Japanese organization consultant Marie Kondo’s Konmari Method, let ACE Hardware give you a quick checklist on how to declutter and organize your home!

1. Commitment matters

No matter what kind of lifestyle you’re living, if you are not ready to get organized, you are more likely to feel lazy tidying up your things. The first and most important step to decluttering is to have a dedicated mindset. You can fully commit to the task or else, you’ll just find yourself coming back to square one.

2. Set goals

With an ideal vision of the lifestyle you want to have this year, you can easily tidy up your home and sort through your belongings. Remember that the goal is to have an organized space. Build the momentum by assessing the area in your home that you need to declutter, then list down how you will categorize each item.

3. Discard first

As the Konmari Method says, start throwing stuff away that doesn’t bring you joy and peace. Clear out your clutter by choosing what items will stay in your storage boxes for keeping and let go of things that are no longer in use. 

4. Tidy by category

Whether you are decluttering your bedroom, closet, kitchen, or living area, you must tidy up precisely by category. For clothes, fold them uniformly in a space-saving way and place them inside your cabinets by shirts, pants, underwear, and more. It also works well with toys, books, documents, and other miscellaneous items.

Here are home organization tips in order, as recommended by Mari Kondo:

  • Clothes

Each item should be folded into a little rectangle so that it can stand upright without tipping over. The clothes are then "filed" in the drawer or cabinet so that they are easily seen and accessible. Shoes, on the other hand, should be kept in multi-tier shoe cabinets.

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  • Books 

Simply retain the books that make you feel positive. You can donate other books you are going to let go. Check out the durable shelves from ACE Hardware for your books’ extra storage space. These storage racks are made from heavy-duty steel material and are weatherproof. 

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  • Papers

Split important paperwork and documents into two piles: papers written down that need to be preserved and documents requiring further action. Important documents should also be stored in a specific area. 

  • Miscellaneous items

All items that do not fall under clothes, books, papers, or sentimental items can be dealt with in the miscellaneous category. This can be everything from houseware items and small appliances to electric supplies and personal care items. Keep these items in durable organizer boxes that can be placed within reach.

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  • Sentimental Items

Once you’ve sorted all important and miscellaneous items, you can now start decluttering sentimental objects for last. Going through mementos that have a special and emotional connection to you can be difficult. Again, you should ask yourself if it sparks joy in you before you decide on those items to let go of. 

5. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

The Konmari method of tidying recommends using the "sparks joy" test to decide whether or not to keep an item, regardless of its categorization. What brings a person happiness is different for each individual.

Let ACE Hardware help you with our wide variety of products that make it easier to clean up and declutter for 2023! Whether it be storage racks or home organizer boxes, we have you covered. Visit the nearest ACE Hardware store today or shop via shopsm.com. You can also browse our catalog of hardware products online at acehardware.ph.