5 Money-Saving Christmas Decorating Hacks for Your Home

5 Money-Saving Christmas Decorating Hacks for Your Home

Christmas decorating can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the different ideas you can try. If you are looking for easy ways to decorate your home this holiday in a less stressful way, we have a handy list of home decorating tips for Christmas that will help turn your home into an inviting and magical place!

Alternative ladder Christmas tree 

Here’s a unique way you can bring festive vibes into your home without spending tons of money on holiday decorations: an unconventional Christmas tree! Make a DIY alternative Christmas tree with the use of a ladder. 

This project is an easy one, requiring only the materials you already have at home such as a multipurpose aluminum ladder. You can wrap the ladder with ornaments like Christmas garlands, wreaths, and lights or hang up Christmas balls on its steps. It’s up to your creativity to put up the best alternative ladder Christmas tree!

aluminum ladder

ACE 4-Step Aluminum Ladder

Ping pong balls Christmas lights 

DIY ping pong ball Christmas lights are a fun way to light up your home or office spaces this holiday. This DIY Christmas decoration is easy to make, and you can get creative with your colors. 

Just cut out a hole in the bottom of a ping pong ball with scissors or a cutter, then insert light in each hole. Make sure to use multi-color LED Christmas lights for a festive glow! Use cord wall clips to prevent dangerously tangled cords. 

home decorating tips for christmas


Firefly Multicolor Christmas Lights 7m

Home-painted ornaments

Re-use old Christmas home decor by painting them with new colors. Create a holiday-themed color scheme by selecting several craft paint colors. You can even do this DIY project with kids using simple acrylic craft paints and a handy bristle paint brush.

christmas home decor

ACE Natural Blend Paint Brush 2.5in.

Hang Christmas lights with cable ties 

The use of zip ties is a quick and easy way to hang Christmas lights on stair banisters, railings, and gates without damaging the surface of the railing with nail holes. Cable ties are also a cost-effective option for those who want to easily and safely put up holiday decor in different areas of the house. Once the holiday season ends, simply cut the ties with scissors. 

diy christmas decorations

KL & Ling 50-Pc 8" Cable Tie

Wine glass as DIY snow globe

You can create your crafty version of a snow globe with the use of your old wine glasses. Grab fake snow and seasonal figurines to adorn the inside of your DIY wine glass snow globe. Decorate the surface with festive ribbons and Christmas flowers. If your kid is interested in making one, they can use a plastic bottle and plastic decorations.

Save time and money on Christmas decorating with these clever hacks from Ace Hardware! We've got you covered with Christmas decorating hacks, supplies, and tools to make your home extra festive this holiday season. 

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