How to Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations

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How to Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations

Is it possible to have too much Christmas decor? The answer is probably no. But what about safe storage? Having too many seasonal decorations can start to feel overwhelming once the holiday ends. You may even start to wonder how you were able to bring out and set up all those holiday decorations.

Packing up Christmas decorations should be as simple as ABC with some helpful tips. ACE Hardware is here to show you how to store Christmas decorations for next year’s holiday festivities:

Plan before you purchase

No one wants to end up with too many decorations and nowhere to put them when it’s time to clear them up. Before you take the plunge and buy that new collection of Christmas tinsel and other ornaments, consider how you’ll be storing it after use.

If you have a spare garage or shed, that could be the perfect place to store your Christmas home decor. Or, if you have a deck or patio, you could use it as a second display area for your decorations. You may also want to consider buying some baskets, bins, or heavy-duty storage boxes to store your decorations in. That way, when the next holiday rolls around, you can easily unbox and display them.

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Avoid using plastic bags for storage

We’re not just talking about keeping your decorations fresh and clean longer here. We’re also talking about protecting your Christmas home decorations from pests, dust, and other elements. Many decorations are made with materials that are not easily cleaned or dried. While re-wrapping your decorations in plastic wrap may keep them clean and dry, plastic may melt and adhere to the décor in the long run.

Instead, keep your decorations in containers that let air circulate to protect your decorations from dust and humid conditions that could destroy their quality. Try using storage boxes with lids and spacious compartments. You may be surprised at just how much you can fit into one! 

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Protect delicate holiday decorations

If you own holiday figurines or Christmas balls made of glass, it is important to store them safely to prevent them from getting chipped or shattered. Wrap them in bubble wrap or old newspaper sheets before storing them in compartments. Dividers are also helpful in avoiding them from scratches. 

Christmas home decorations with fabrics like velvet, satin, or silky fabrics should be kept away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, they could fade over time. You could put them away in a dark cabinet or closet. One of the best ways to keep your holiday decorations safe and secure is to store them in heavy-duty storage box organizers.

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Store Christmas lights properly

If you want to store your Christmas lights, you can do so in many ways. The most straightforward way to store your Christmas lights is to keep them in a sturdy box or hanging basket near the ceiling. You might want to mark the spot so you remember where they are because you won’t be able to see them easily once the decorations are down.  

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There’s no need to stress about storing your Christmas decorations after the holiday.  Follow these clever Christmas decoration storage tips from ACE Hardware and you’ll be ready for the New Year festivities in no time!

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