How to clean a charcoal kettle grill

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How to clean a charcoal kettle grill

DEEP cleaning your Kettle Charcoal Grill is expected every 3-5 cooks. More often if you're cooking higher fatty foods.​​​

Here are the steps in cleaning your grill:​

  • Make sure kettle is cool and there are no embers remaining. Keep the lower damper open to allow ash to drop into the ash catcher.​
  • Remove the lid of the kettle and using a grill brush clean the grill grates top side and bottom side.​
  • Remove the grates and set aside.​
  • Remove the Char-baskets and dump any charcoal or ash.​
  • < Remove any un-burned charcoal and clean out until the bottom of the kettle is fully exposed.​
  • Assess the amount of soot or particulate on the inside of the kettle.​
  • Lightly scrape with a light brush.​
  • Do NOT clean to a brand new look, leave it well seasoned and focus on removing any buildup or large particles (bbq crumbs).​
  • Push all crumbs into the bottom of the kettle and into the ash catcher.
  • Using a rag, wipe the inside of the kettle down and push all debris into the ash catcher.​
  • Remove the ash catcher carefully and assess any other cleaning needs, set aside.​
  • It is important to check all parts for any cracks or damage​.

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