Swiffer Hacks: 10 Clever Uses You Need to Try

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Swiffer Hacks: 10 Clever Uses You Need to Try

Keeping a clean home can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it can become an effortless routine. One such tool is the Swiffer - a versatile cleaning product that can help you get your home spick and span in no time.

While many people are familiar with using Swiffers to clean floors, they can be used for so much more! In this article, we’ll explore 10 surprising ways to use a Swiffer to help you keep every nook and cranny of your home looking clean and fresh.

  1. Gather Dust from Hard-to-Reach Spots - Dust can accumulate in hard-to-reach places like the top of your fridge, light fixtures, bookshelves, and more. The Swiffer's swivel head makes it easy to clean these areas. Use a dry Swiffer cloth and turn the head to get into nooks and crannies more easily. When cleaning the top of your fridge, secure a stepladder and move the Swiffer from the back of the fridge to the front, replacing the cloth as needed.
  2. Remove Cobwebs from Wall Corners - The Swiffer is lightweight and can easily be raised to ceiling corners to remove cobwebs. Use a dry Swiffer cloth to remove surface dust or cobwebs on walls, then switch to a wet cloth to clean up any scuff marks, grease, or dirt.
  3. Tidy Up Stainless Steel Appliances - Cleaning stainless steel appliances can be challenging, but a Swiffer can help make the job easier. Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently buff where you see fingerprints, and then attach a clean dry cloth to the Swiffer. Spray a small amount of stainless steel cleaner on the cloth and move the Swiffer in a steady motion, starting at the top and moving down in columns.
  4. Wipe Ceiling Fans Clean - Ceiling fans can accumulate dust and allergens over time, so it's essential to keep them clean. Use a dry-cloth Swiffer to clean the tops of the blades facing the ceiling, and then use a wet cloth to clean each blade that faces the floor. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as it can cause damage.
  5. Dust Blinds - Blinds can be tricky to clean, but a Swiffer makes it easier. Use a dry Swiffer cloth to dust the slats, and then use a wet cloth to clean any marks or dirt.
  6. Clean Air Vents - Air vents can collect dust and dirt, reducing the air quality in your home. To clean them, wrap a dry Swiffer cloth around a butter knife or another thin, flat object and slide it between the vents. You can also use a wet cloth to remove any grime or dirt.
  7. Sweep Baseboards - Baseboards are often overlooked during cleaning, but they can collect a lot of dust and dirt. Use a dry Swiffer cloth to sweep them, and then use a wet cloth to clean any marks or scuff marks.
  8. Clean Lamp Shades - One way to use Swiffer is by cleaning lamp shades, especially those located in high-traffic spots like the living room. As lamp shades shouldn't be cleaned with water, a dry-cloth Swiffer is perfect for this task. The dry cloths use static cling to pick up tiny pieces of dust and dirt that can accumulate on lamp shades.
  9. Clean Pet Hair - If you have pets, you know how much hair they can leave behind. A Swiffer can help make quick work of cleaning up pet hair from floors, furniture, and more. Use a dry Swiffer cloth to pick up hair, and then a wet cloth to clean up any dirt or stains.
  10. Clean Walls Before Painting - Before painting a room, it's important to ensure that the walls are clean and free of any dust or debris that could affect the paint's application or finish. Using a Swiffer can make this process quick and easy. The Swiffer's dry cloth is designed to attract and hold onto dust and dirt, making it an ideal tool for prepping walls for painting. 

Overall, the Swiffer is a versatile and efficient cleaning tool that can help you tackle multiple tasks around the house. Whether you're cleaning hard-to-reach spots, sweeping up pet hair, or wiping down plants, the Swiffer is a great choice for making your cleaning routine more efficient and effective. And the best part? You can easily find it at your local ACE Hardware, so you don't have to go far to get one for yourself. Happy cleaning!