How to Use Viva Magenta Color of the Year for Your Home

How to Use Viva Magenta Color of the Year for Your Home

Paint can make or break a room and can set the tone for the entire home. This 2023, you can transform your home with Pantone’s striking Viva Magenta Color of the Year 2023! In this blog, we’ll guide you through the vibrant color of 2023, plus ways you can use it for your home:

What is Pantone’s color for the year 2023?

Viva Magenta is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023. This vibrant, bold color comes from the red family that represents strength, power, celebration, and joy with a pinch of rebellious spirit, a perfect way to express energy and excitement.

As Pantone explained, Viva Magenta is a hybrid color with a crimson-red tone whose origins hail from the cochineal beetle, an insect known to produce natural carmine dye. This dynamic color balances fun, boldness, and fierceness in the physical and digital lives while sending a message of motivation amid the world’s disruptive events.

A transformative color for an unconventional home

Magenta color can be bright and playful or deep and moody. It effortlessly blends with any texture and shape which makes it easy to harness its full potential in your home. 

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You can add subtle magenta elements to your furniture and home decor with a sculptural lighting fixture, a velvet sofa, an abstract painting, or a floral arrangement. Stunning magenta-colored wall paint is also a great way to add a unique touch to any room. Explore a lacquered or textured wall in your living spaces, bedroom, or kitchen with this dramatic color. 

You can mix and match different shades and tones of magenta, pink, and red to create a monochromatic accent wall pattern. Analogous color schemes with oranges and purple and neutral colors like green, brown, and blue work well with vibrant magenta.

Get the right Viva Magenta paint now

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