5 Tips to Tighten Up Your Home's Security

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5 Tips to Tighten Up Your Home's Security

Home security is not only important for protecting your family, but also protecting your investments. Follow these 5 tips for tightening up your home’s security.​

  1. Install Security Lighting​​
    It’s hard for thieves to use the cover of darkness when they can’t find any, so keep the areas surrounding your home well-lit, especially around points of entry. Decorative lighting around the perimeter of your home serves a dual purpose, while motion activated lights on the side of the house and near the back door help turn a thief around.​
  2. Select Locks That Meet Rigorous Standards​
    The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which is a non-profit institute that helps create standards for various products. Their grading system has been the gauge for many lock manufacturers. Grade 3 locksets are the most cost-effective and provide low-level residential security. Grade 2 locksets meet light commercial building requirements and provide medium safety at a medium price. Grade 1 locksets, though somewhat more costly, meet stringent commercial building requirements and provide maximum residential security. Generally, a Grade 2 lock is sufficient for most homes.​
  3. Install a Deadbolt​
    Many would-be burglars won’t hesitate to use the front door, so turn them away with a good deadbolt. There are two types of deadbolts, single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder locks are keyed on the outside with a thumb-turn knob on the inside and are good for general entry doors. Double cylinder locks are keyed on both the outside and the inside and are good for entry doors flanked by windows. However, some local fire codes prohibit double cylinder locks as they could prevent a speedy escape in case of an emergency. Check your local code before installing one.​
  4. Use Window and Patio Door Locks​
    Some of the easiest entry points into the home are windows and patio, lanai doors. Make sure these are always shut tight and locked, especially if they can be accessed from the first floor. For single- and double-hung windows, make sure the sash locks work properly. For sliding windows and patio doors, consider installing a security bar or lock that prevents a burglar from prying the door up out of its tracks.
  5. Maintain clean garden landscape​
    Make sure bushes and tree branches are trimmed to prevent the landscaping from serving as a hiding place for burglars.​

    Having a secure home doesn’t require unsightly barred windows or solid-steel entry doors. Choose security options that fit your home’s décor. Interior window locks as well as light fixtures and door handles are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to match your style.​