Today is White Day

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Today is White Day

In some Asian countries, today is a special day where men return the favor of sweetness from the opposite sex. Sweets and flowers are great. but a better and practical idea just to repaint her house.

Are her walls still in pristine condition? Maybe it's time to repaint them to bring back that sparkling white everyone admired... and bring a sparkle in her eyes that would add to your "POGI" points. Head over to our stores and be welcomed by our wide array of paints and accessories.

We are also offering digitally-mixed paints via our ACE Paint Studios to match your color requirements exact to your specifications. You may avail of this ACE-exclusive service in these locations:

  • 📌 Aura
  • 📌 Cash & Carry
  • 📌 Cubao
  • 📌 Fairview
  • 📌 Festival
  • 📌 Makati
  • 📌 Market Market
  • 📌 Megamall
  • 📌 MOA
  • 📌 North EDSA

Old school tip:

For non digitally-color-mixed white paint or that which was stored for quite some time, add a drop of black tint per gallon to "better" whites. This may sound counter-intuitive. But most if not all off-the-shelf white paints carry a certain hue (at times, yellowish). Adding a drop of black tint shifts the overall non-white hues to gray and contrasts with the white better, thus somewhat neutralizing the off-white hue.

For traditionalists, we also offer other pain brands like Boysen, Rain or Shine, and much more.

Head to our stores and enjoy shopping convenience care of our helpful experts.

You may also Shop Safe, Shop Savvy via our Call n Collect service via our #11223 hotline.

Happy shopping!