Home for the Holidays with ACE Hardware

Home for the Holidays with ACE Hardware

There’s nothing more joyful than spending the holidays at home with family and friends. It’s the season of gift-giving, bonding over festive meals, Christmas parties, and unboxing presents. ACE Hardware is with you in celebrating the joys of the holiday with the best home and hardware supplies!

We have everything you need to deck up your house the holiday style and get it ready for the Christmas festivities!

Home For Christmas Decorating

Decorating your home for Christmas is always fun with the entire family. It's a great time to bond and show off your creativity through the decorations you put up. Set up your Christmas decorations with the right tools and equipment from ACE Hardware!

LED Christmas lights are perfect to set up on your Christmas tree, indoor rooms, and even outdoor areas. Make sure to grab an aluminum ladder to reach high places where you want to adorn with Christmas ornaments. Decorating can also be done quickly and easily with the help of picture hanging strips for that nail hole-free and sticky residue-free wall this holiday!

led christmas lights

Firefly LED Christmas Lights

aluminium ladder

ACE Hardware 5-Step Aluminum Ladder

picture hanging strips

3M Command White Hanging Strip

Home For Gift Wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping is an art. It is a skill that requires precision and patience. But with the help of tools for gift wrapping from ACE Hardware Philippines, it is not as difficult as you might think.

With a handy glue gun and glue sticks, you can bond surfaces together quickly and neatly, especially for big gifts with DIY wrapping. The glue sticks are designed for several bonding jobs, including toys and models, artificial flowers, furniture, and woodworking.

glue gun and glue stick

Tiger Glue Gun with Free Glue Stick

Home for Gift Shopping

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts. If you know someone who will be delighted with home improvement and hardware tools, check out these gift ideas from ACE Hardware!

Clean hard-to-reach places in your vehicle with a handy wet and dry vacuum cleaner. An ideal gift for car enthusiasts, it is the perfect solution for the thorough cleaning the car needs this holiday. It comes with a convenient attachment that can be used from a car lighter socket. 

vacuum cleaner

Coido 12V Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, the best holiday gift you can give to someone is a functional and practical device for home use like a shower heater just in time for the cold season. Panasonic’s Electric Home Shower Heater is perfect for those who want to take their sweet time under the shower without shivering in the cold weather. 

home improvement

Panasonic Electric Home Shower Heater

Home for Makeover

Transform your home for the holiday with ACE Hardware’s home improvement supplies! Need to update your wall paint? We got you covered with Rain or Shine Waterproofing Paint. It is a self-priming water-based paint for exterior and interior concrete surfaces. 

rain or shine waterproofing paint

Rain or Shine Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint 1L

Paint your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces with precision with ACE Hardware’s paint roller brush cover. Made from a knit material, it is the ultimate tool for painting walls, ceilings, and other surfaces with little to no prep this holiday!

paint roller brush

Paint Roller Cover Refill 9x3/8in

Home For Christmas Party

The holidays are a season of joy, family, and friends. It is the time when we gather together to celebrate and give thanks for the year that has passed, and to welcome the new year ahead. Get your home ready for Christmas parties with ACE Hardware’s outdoor essentials!

Planning an outdoor Christmas party? The ACE Hardware gazebo tent is an A-frame tent designed for use as an outdoor tent. It is water-resistant and can be set up easily for a fun party. Don’t forget to assemble a durable set of Lifetime tables and chairs to accommodate your guests.

ace hardware gazebo tent

ACE Hardware Gazebo Tent

lifetime tables and chairs
Lifetime Folding Chair - Dark Gray

Home For Holiday Cooking

‘Tis the time to enjoy good holiday food and company. Get ready for a sumptuous Christmas feast with ACE Hardware! We have the ultimate kitchen tool for busy, modern home cooks— Union Stainless Multi-cooker.

This multi-cooker is your kitchen companion for cooking up your holiday specialties with ease. With 12 different cooking modes, this cookware can replace a whole bunch of your other pots and pans.

multi cooker

Union Stainless Steel 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker

Home For Out-of-Town Reunion

The Christmas family reunion is a great time to bring the whole family together for an out-of-town trip. ACE Hardware’s holiday selection of automotive tools and equipment is here to help you prepare for your family’s outing!

Fast and easy to use, a car tire inflator from Coido has everything you need to inflate tires, rafts, and sports equipment. It’s also a good idea to bring along a gas can during long road trips just in case you run out of fuel and there are no gas stations in sight. The Midwest gas can is a high-quality, self-ventilating gas can that is perfect for storing and transporting gasoline. 

car tire inflator

Coido Tire Inflator 

gas can

Midwest Gasoline Cart 

Enjoy cold drinks during your out-of-town trip with the help of Orocan ice cooler box. It's a high-quality, durable, and very compact cooler box.  to keep your ice from melting and your cold drinks from getting warm for a long time!

ice cooler box

Orocan 30L Ice Box

Christmas is just around the corner! Prepare for the holiday festivities at home with ACE Hardware’s holiday selection available now until December 31!

Check out these products and more at acehardware.ph or shop at shopsm.com! Call us at #11223 to order all your hardware needs!