5 Must-Have Undas Essentials From Ace Hardware

5 Must-Have Undas Essentials From Ace Hardware

Undas in the Philippines, also known as All Saints’ Day, is one of the major holidays when Filipinos pay their respect to their loved ones who passed. This day is observed by visiting cemeteries and memorial parks to light a candle, offer flowers, and pray for the souls of those who departed from life. 

While some families choose to camp out during this solemn holiday, being extra prepared will help the whole family have a comfortable Undas season. Other than candles and flowers, there are other Undas essentials you should bring to keep you equipped this All Saints’ Day. 

Here are five Undas season must-haves you can get at Ace Hardware:

Outdoor Gazebo Tent

When visiting the cemetery, you are most likely to be under the elements. Make sure that you pack an outdoor gazebo tent where you and your family members can take shade. While umbrellas are another option, Ace Hardware’s gazebo tent is a must-have when going outdoors as it is easy to set up.

This tent is made of a high-grade poly rubber canvas which makes it easy to assemble. You can also adjust this tent’s height levels to find the perfect height.

Tables and Chairs

If your family will be camping out this Undas, don’t forget to bring tables and chairs. It is especially helpful for the elderly who find it hard to stand for a long time. Some Filipinos also make it a tradition to bring food that family members can share and eat while at the memorial park.

Set up a Lifetime folding table so you will never have to worry about where to put your belongings while outdoors. Lifetime tables and chairs at Ace Hardware are foldable and lightweight, which makes them a great Undas must-have this season.

Rechargeable Fan

It can get quite hot outdoors, especially at the cemetery. One of the rechargeables you must bring this All Saints’ Day is a battery-operated fan or rechargeable fan to keep you cool. Firefly’s foldable fan is your perfect companion for celebrating Undas. It is easy to bring and even has an emergency night light to ensure you never get lost when it's dark out!

Rechargeable LED Emergency Lamp

Aside from a rechargeable fan, a reliable emergency lamp can keep you company this Undas season! Make sure to pack your rechargeable LED emergency lamp before heading out to the cemetery. 

Firefly’s portable lamp is perfect for emergencies and everyday use. This compact and lightweight LED lap offers long-lasting light to brighten up your surroundings in various modes to customize your experience.

Cooler Box

Being under the sun in Undas can be dehydrating. Keep your food and beverage fresh and cool in a cooler box from Ace Hardware. The Coleman cooler box maintains the temperature of your refreshments cold even outdoors. 

You will have plenty of space for the refreshments for a  large group of people because this insulated cooler can hold up to 69 cans and tall enough to hold upright two-liter bottles.

How to celebrate Undas safely during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still here, and everyone should still be careful when going outside and interacting with other people. Here are some extra tips on remembering our loved ones on All Saints’ Day without catching the virus. 

  • Get vaccinated and/or complete your booster shots 

COVID-19 vaccines are still the best weapon to fight the deadly virus. It is best to get your booster shots if you are already vaccinated. Go to the nearest vaccination sites as soon as possible to avoid the crowd. 

In addition, if you are feeling unwell, it is best to stay at home and rest.

  • Order candles for Undas and flowers ahead of time

Undas ceremonies almost always involve the use of candles and flowers. Therefore, there is a greater need for these products at this time of year. Orders placed early will receive a price break. In addition, you won't risk exposing yourself to COVID-19 by waiting in long lines at crowded retail outlets.

  • Observe COVID-19 protocols

Continue to wear a face mask in indoor private or public establishments and also outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained for protection not just against COVID-19 but also against other viruses and pollution. You should also observe physical distancing and proper handwashing. Make sure your hands are clean and free of germs by bringing alcohol and hand sanitizers.

ACE Hardware has everything you need for a meaningful Undas celebration with your family! With our variety of products, you'll never have to worry about this special day for our loved ones who are no longer with us. 

From tents and tables to lights and fans, ACE Hardware has it all! Browse these products now at acehardware.ph. Call us at #11223 or visit shopsm.com to order all your hardware needs. Have a safe Undas celebration!